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At Home Reading Activities
Try these activities at home to keep your child read, read, reading!

1. Read around the room
-Start in the kitchen and see how many words your child can read. Have them read words off of cereal boxes, recipe books, grocery lists.
-Choose one special word, like "the", and have your child see how many times they can find this word.

2. Tape record your child as they read a book. Play it back so he/she can listen to him/herself reading.

3. Partner read a story with your child. You read one page they read the next.

4. Have your child be a "word detective". He/She can look for sight words such as like, make, was, could, should etc. when reading to you each night. Choose one word a night but keep a chart to compare which words are more common than others.

5. Have your child play "teacher" and read a book to the "class". Brothers, sisters, friends etc. could be the class.

6. Keep up the great job with the at-home reading program! It is making a big difference!

Look for your child's "letter home notebook" to come home each Friday. Each week your child will write a letter to let you know what they have learned that week. This will help them practice handwriting, how to write a letter and be informative as well. Please write back and have your child return the notebook by Thursday of the following week. This is a fun activity that the students look forward to each week.